Game Development
The game development team (Dev Team) from Course Games led the project in the production of Survival Master. Dispersed across the United States (NY, CA, CT, NC, IL), the team used a development pipeline that relied upon a web Enterprise that included Adobe Connect, Moodle, and Perforce to work virtually on a daily/weekly basis for six years.
Designers, IIT, Bloomsburg University
While the typical Serious Game development process relies upon the instructional design in order to begin developing the game design - which in turn informs the production of art assets, game programming, network engineering, etc. - in the case of SMTE game production, game design and development had to proceed in parallel with the curriculum development, due to the fact that there was no existing technology education curriculum that aligned with Project learning objectives and goals. As the curriculum was developed to match the learning goals that are identical for the physical modeling curriculum and the game, the design of the game evolved in response to the developing instructional design.

Initially, the game was developed with 3DVia Virtools, later switching to Unity3D. Both of these game development middleware are ideally suited to small team, rapid development. The four pages linked below provide highlights of the unique experience in this project in developing for a changing instructional design, with a project lifetime sufficient to see a major migration in development engines, art processes, and delivery methods.

 Version 7

Developing KSB2 in Unity3D.

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 Version 6

Developing a "STEM epic" with Virtools.

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 Version 4

Moving from Multiplayer to Single-Player.

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 Production Model

Evolving a Modified SCRUM Model.

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