Game Version 6 (V6 Virtools)
Version 5 was the last iteration with a LAN-based multiplayer for the team shelter challenge. Since the internal router obstacles continued to plague deployment, a new approach was required.

As a result, the entire game received major modifications in preparation for the Fall 2012 Field Test. A comprehensive game design review was conducted over 8 weeks in May and June 2012.

As a result of the design review, several of the single-player KSB game features were also redesigned, including a redesign of KSB2b to require calculation of shape surface areas, the use of a GUI panel to change the key thickness for KSB2d, and the use of GUI panels we for new calculations required for both segments of the snowshoe race in KSB3

V6 KSB2b Surface Area Calculation

V6 KSB3 R Value Calculation
A social game-based learning solution was designed for the team-shelter challenge and implemented using Moodle-based team communications and single-player gameplay and developed the resulting Orientation and Team Shelter Levels to replace the Multiplayer. This social learning design solution such as private team chat, team discussion forums, and a team wiki for design reports.

To support the design change, a Web Enterprise Architecture was engineered with Moodle and a dedicated MySQL database for the game. This included the engineering of a new custom Moodle template.

Mission 1 - Trainer Briefing

Mission 1 - Briefing Sim

The Version 6 Game files and tutorial videos are available in "Downloads"".

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