Research Overview
The project research is conducted by the Center for Advanced Study in Education at the CUNY Graduate Center.

The SMTE project researches the academic potential of a hybrid instructional model that infuses physical modeling and educational gaming into middle school technology education programs. It investigates the transferability of the model and its potential to improve STEM teaching and learning through a test of two conditions:

Condition 1: teachers and students implement the Survival Master computer game (approximately 4 weeks) AND then construct a physical model (approximately one week); or,

Condition 2: teachers and students implement the physical curriculum (approximately 4 weeks) AND then engage in the game-based multiplayer design challenge (approximately one week).

Testing involves data collected in six assessment domains. Data is analyzed using a variety of multivariate statistical analyses.

 Research Design

Info on what is on the Research Design page.

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 Field Testing

Info on what is on Field Testing page.

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