The team of game-based learning designers at the Institute for Interactive Technologies, Bloomsburg University, designed and published teacher and student guides to support the in-class use of the Survival Master Video Game and the in-class Shelter Building Activity.
Designers, IIT, Bloomsburg University
The documents were originally created using Adobe InDesign, are published in .pdf format, and are suitable for both print and web use:

Guidance for Teachers: Teacher’s Physical Modeling Guides
Introduction for Students: Includes Student Journal
KSB1: Student guide for KSB1
KSB2: Student guide for KSB2
KSB3: Student guide for KSB3
KSB4: Student guide for KSB4
Student Game Guide
Teacher Game Guide
Scaled Shelter Procedure

Go to Downloads for access to all of the SMTE teacher and students guides (pdf) in a single zip file.

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